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Samvedna Spiritual School

Welcome to Samvedna Spiritual School, a haven where ancient wisdom meets modern seekers on their spiritual journey. Nestled in the sacred city of Haridwar-Rishikesh, our roots trace back to the very heart of Lord Shiva's Neelkanth Mahadev Temple in Uttarakhand, India. 

7-Days classes Membership Plan

Best Value

7-Chakra and Aura Activation



Chakra Awakening group session and embark on a collective journey to illuminate your energy centers.

Valid for 7 days

Plan Date: 10 to 16 June 2024 | Classes Included

Intro of 3 Bodies and 7 Chakra: 10 Jun

Chakras: Their Color Energy & Beej Mantra: 11 Jun

Meditation to activate Aura: 12 Jun

Yoga & Pranayama: Balance Your Body: 13 Jun

Breathing Technique: How to Breath, Power of Breath: 14 Jun

Yoga & Pranayama: Balance Your Body: 15 Jun

Third Eye Activation: 16 Jun

Delve into Our Mission and Values

Pia Maa and Art Ji

Samvedna Spiritual School is dedicated to preserving and sharing the ancient traditions of India. Our mission is to spread the legacy of traditional teachings, rituals, and holistic practices. From Rebirthing Breathwork to Yoga and Meditation, Reiki sessions, and more, our diverse team of experts is committed to providing a comprehensive spiritual education

​In our interconnected world, we extend our reach globally through online sessions, inviting seekers from all corners of the world to join our community. Here, we engage in discussions, answer queries, and explore various spiritual topics together.


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This school is not just an institution; it is a sanctuary where ancient traditions are preserved and shared. Our team, diverse in expertise, is united in the purpose of imparting knowledge...

Online Classes & Courses:
Explore, Learn, Thrive

Discover a world of knowledge and growth through our diverse online classes and courses. From yoga and meditation to holistic healing, join us in your journey towards personal transformation. Enrich your life from the comfort of your home with our expert-led virtual offerings.

Our Spiritual Guides

Passionate and well-trained, our dedicated teachers are committed to delivering their best, aiming to transform lives through their...

Rebirthing breathwork facilitator and Reiki master/teacher

Arti Saxena

Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher

Counsellor Megha

Megha Barthwal


Yoga and Sound Healer Manav

Manav Saxena

Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer

Watch Anywhere

Connect Eachother

No Fancy Equipment Needed

Watch On Any Device

Community Involvement

Profits from the school contribute to Samvedna Connecting Souls (Regd. Trust), our initiative empowering women and children in the rural landscapes of Uttarakhand. We believe in giving back to the community that has nurtured us.



I’m in Rishikesh for my Yoga Teacher Training and heard about Arti. I came to her for just a Reiki session, however it was amazing till the point I decided to take a 1st Reiki level with her. It’s totally worth it 🙏🏽 to heal yourself and your loved one. Thank you, Madam Arti 🙏🏽

Nguyen Thanh Thanh

My name is María Martínez, I was recommended to visit Rishikesh since I wanted to practice Yoga and meditation but there I found much more. Before arriving in this city, I did not know what Reiki was, and it was a great discovery for me. Arti explained to me perfectly what it consisted of, the entire time I was with her I felt very calm since she is a very nice and good person. After finishing my first class, I felt a peace that flooded my entire body. A feeling of rest and absolute tranquility, the truth is that it is difficult for me to explain it in words but the truth is that it was incredible and totally recommended. I felt very at peace. The next day I repeated the Reiki class again and I loved it, the feeling of peace at the end was incredible.
I thank Arti because she showed me the path of Reiki since I did not know it, but above all, I thank her for her treatment of people and her kindness.

María Martínez

Jiva Yoga at Rishikesh was a revelation for us!

From the word go, it has been a very pleasant, enlightening, enriching, fun, empowering experience for us. Part of the 'Yoga Retreat' was a 'Holistic Healing' class conducted by Aarti ji. Aarti has a very calming, soothing presence and infuses the environment in the class with that aspect of her persona. She tries to get out all the pent-up emotions one has bottled up inside of oneself over the years. 

She makes you release all the negative feelings from inside of you, to simply exhale all the unwanted and blocked energy that is weakening you physically, too. It is a start to realizing and becoming aware that you need to inhale calmness and serenity and exhale all blocked debilitating energy.

Mrs Rama Kumar

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